CE Marking Compliance

The REHAU on-line CE Marking Declaration of Performance has been designed to simplify the declaration and labelling process. However it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the finished product to ensure that all of the information is correct and that all the other controls required for CE Marking are in place.

To check what you need to have in place in order to complete the Declaration please refer our Basic Guide to Compliance leaflet in the download section.

Below are the four Steps to Conformance. Take a moment to read them making a mental note that you have completed each stage. Once you have done this then simply click on the Complete the Declaration of Performance button to go through to the on-line form. Once completed download the form to keep for your records and if required use the print label template to print labels to attach to the windows/doors.

4 steps to conformance

  1. Manufacturing Consistency Product production level maintained via Factory Production Control (FPC)
    (Available on request).
  2. Confirmation of Level of Performance Product classification has been identified and tested against relevant test requirements within the identified class - Initial Type Testing (ITT) 2
  3. Declaration of Performance Written declaration of product performance 3
  4. CE Marking of Product 4